Nexgard vs Bravecto – Which Chewable Flea & Tick Treatment To Choose?

Nexgard vs Bravecto – which chewable flea and tick treatment to choose?

When these tick and flea treatments first appeared in the market, they created an internet sensation. At the moment, more pet owners are offering their dogs these preventive chewable choices to spot-on solutions. When trying to purchase a tick and flea product these days, your head can eventually spin. Pet owners may think that the market is loaded with a plethora of new products, but it’s not actually true. In the last couple of years, the only new category of tick and flea preps on the market are the Bravecto (fluralaner) and Nexgard (afoxolaner).

Today, Nexgard and Bravecto are the two most commonly recommended chewable treatments for tick and flea prevention.

What do pet owners need to know about the laners? They are chewable, expensive, highly effective, considered safe, available by prescription only and last for one month (Nexgard) or three months (Bravecto). According to early records, Nexgard arrived in the market prior to the appearance of Bravecto. Are you pondering on Bravecto,Nexgard for dogs,Bravecto for dogs,chewable flea tick treatment ,Nexgard safe treatment, or how to choose the best product? Using certain measures like efficacy, safety, cost and prescription model will help to differentiate the effectiveness of both Bravecto and Nexgard. While it may be early to pass any judgment, reading through the entire content will help you make a final decision on the right product to choose.

Bravecto For Dogs Review:

The long lasting chewable tablet known as Bravecto remains an exciting and innovative development in the war against ticks and fleas. Fluralaner is the main active and effective ingredient in Bravecto. This ingredient is known for its effectiveness and performance as an ectoparasiticide. The fluralaner in Bravecto helps to display total effectiveness on the nervous system of any foreign body attacking your pets.

When Bravecto is used, it does not affect or show any negative sign on the nervous system of a dog. Within two hours, Bravecto will immediately start destroying fleas when given to pets. It can as well start the intended purpose on ticks in a short time after killing fleas. The protection period of using this treatment on dogs will last for a space of eight to twelve weeks with ticks.

In the case of fleas, the protection period can last for around twelve weeks. With respect to clinical experience, Bravecto has been discovered to regulate and treat four different kinds of ticks. Most ticks treated and controlled by Bravecto are usually involved in the transmission of disease to both people and dogs. For lactating and pregnant animals, this treatment method will not pose any threat.

Bravecto for dogs can work effectively for dogs and some other pets over the age of six months. If your pet is experiencing severe immune mediated disease or geriatric condition, then Bravecto should be used with caution. In fact, caution should be applied when using this treatment option for your sick pet. A slight disadvantage of using Bravecto is that it becomes effective when ticks or fleas feed on your pet.

If fleas are not ingesting a blood meal on your dog, this treatment method may be less effective. This means that both ticks and fleas are able to transfer some severe diseases to your dog when Bravecto is not working. Most topical products are easy to bath off and washed away, but in the case of Bravecto, it will not expose your young ones to any danger.

One thing is certain about this treatment method – it will only have a complete impact in a short period of time. This means that the harm it can cause when exposed to children will be greatly reduced. The efficacy and the effectiveness of this product are top-notch and reliable.

Bravecto for dogs remains a chewable tick and flea killer that starts performing within eight hours after use. Apart from killing ticks and fleas easily, Bravecto comes with a four-month paralysis tick security. In just four doses of Bravecto, your angry colleague can get a complete year of protection. The main functioning ingredient in Bravecto is fluralaner.

Nexgard For Dogs Review:

There has been a drastic progress within the past years over the struggle against ticks and fleas. Veterinarians have depended greatly on topical medications for years to control the development of ticks and fleas. The truth is that at the moment a plethora of solutions are already created to handle the situation. Some pets that are sensitive to being allergic may be reacting to the newly found treatments.

Many dog and pet owners are strongly worried to what the exposure of topical tick and flea pesticides will do to humans. For this reason, Merial has taken it upon itself to create a new and dependable treatment called Nexgard. As a reliable and excellent, Nexgard is now counted among one of the best preventive and treatment options for fleas and ticks.

Merial, the producer of Heartgard, Frontline and Nexgard has been able to create its new product from a powerful ingredient called afoxolaner. Afoxolaner in Nexgard helps to control ticks and fleas effectively when used. Even without meals, dogs and other pets like consuming this beef and soft flavored chewable.

Nexgard is highly effective up to five times the originally recommended dose. The only disadvantage of using Nexgard is that the parasite will have to attack your dog first. For the parasite to attack your dog, it may take several hours to occur.

Studies have revealed that Nexgard is highly effective is preventing Rocky Mountain, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis and Lyme spotted fever. Nexgard can be used as a yearly parasite control for your dogs. The mild digestive upset may be a rare side effect of using this treatment method. It is easy and simple to use without any form of complication attached.

Nexgard for dogs needs a prescription before dog owners can make use of this treatment. This well-known tick and flea formula is often used and patronized by a plethora of dog owners. Nexgard paralysis ticks, bush ticks and also kills fleas quickly. The major ingredient in Nexgard remains afoxolaner.

Helpful Questions For Nexgard And Bravecto Buyers:

As mentioned earlier at the beginning of the article, some dog owners may not be able to distinguish between Bravecto and Nexgard due to their popularity. Using the measures in this section will give you a clue of the right product to choose.

How Secure Are The Treatments?

For the Bravecto treatment about two hundred and ninety-four pets up to 7.1 percent or less display signs such as lethargy, vomiting, decreased appetite, increased drinking and diarrhea. In the case of Nexgard, out of four hundred and fifteen pets, four percent dogs experienced sign such as lethargy, vomiting, lack of appetite, flake/dry skin and diarrhea. For every three dogs that took Nexgard, two also experienced one or more seizures. In this case, it is evident that both treatments produced almost similar symptoms except for Nexgard displaying a seizure feature.
Veterinary bills

Method Of Usage Bravecto and Nexgard:

Bravecto can be given to your pets in the form of beef-flavored chewable every 12 weeks along with food. If it is to cure lone star tick, then Bravecto will have to be given to your dog every eight weeks. Remember that the dosage of using Bravecto is highly dependent on the weight and size of your pet.

Nexgard is also served to dogs in the same way as Bravecto. One important thing to know about Nexgard is that pet owners should give their dog this treatment on a monthly basis. Nexgard can be served to dogs without or with food. This also marks one huge difference between Bravecto and Nexgard. The dosage of both Bravecto and Nexgard is dependent on the size and weight of your pet.

What Types Of Dogs Can Take This Treatment:

Dogs that are at least six months old can take Bravecto. The weight of the dogs taking Bravecto should also be at least 4.4 pounds for a better result. With Nexgard, dogs under this treatment should be at least eight weeks old. The weight of dogs taking Nexgard should be at least four pounds. Following the simple and easy instruction above will help you get great results on either Nexgard or Bravecto treatment.

What Can The Bravecto & Nexgard Products Treat?

Bravecto is able to kill adult lone star tick, adult American dog tick, adult brown dog tick, adult black-legged tick and adult fleas. Nexgard on the other hand is able to kill lobe star tick, American dog tick, black-legged tick and fleas. Nexgard also has the tendency to stop fleas from experiencing any means of reproduction and before they lay eggs.

Nexgard Vs Bravecto which one should you choose?

Nexgard and Bravecto remain the two well-known formulas of oral solution to combat against ticks and fleas. Most dog owners will always like to know the best treatment to choose in a time of need. Reading through the cons and pros of each treatment will give you a better clue on how to make your final decision.

Bravecto for dogs Pros:

It is effective and functional within eight hours of use

Prevents and treats ticks and fleas for up to a year

Paralysis ticks and kills fleas

Chews can be found in a gamut of different breeds and sizes

Bravecto for cats is also available.


The treatment can be used in dogs at least six plus months

Skin irritations

Nexgard for dogs Pros:

Chews can be found in a plethora of several breeds and sizes

Beef-flavored chew

It should be used only once in a month

Paralysis ticks, kills fleas, brown ticks, black-legged ticks and bush ticks

Nexgard for dogs Cons:

Cannot be used when your pet is pregnant

It can easily cause vomiting

Not available for cats.

Facts About Both Products Bravecto & Nexgard

Nexgard and Bravecto are great and successful treatments that can help to kill ticks and fleas attacking your dog. Both treatments are seen to be helpful and unique, but Nexgard often show an additional sign of being the best choice. Nexgard is a real killer of fleas and remain preventive in performance. It can also help to kill a variety of ticks that create paralysis and other harmful conditions to your dog. Some other experts also believe that the favor may be toward Bravecto for several reasons.

After exploring the key determinant factor and the point of difference, Bravecto is often given with interval. In fact, at least four months may be the space interval to use Bravecto for your dog again. Since Nexgard is given to dogs on a monthly basis, it may somehow affect the health condition of your pet. According to several users, Bravecto remains a comfortable option for most dog owners. The price is another important factor that can help to determine the value and effectiveness of both treatments.

Records have shown that a three month supply of Frontline is similar to the price of Bravecto. Nexgard and Bravecto have received special and unique feedback in the US market. Selecting the best product will now be the choice of the dog owner. This is because different talking points have been raised for the positive and negative aspects of both products.


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