4legsmed is a true, value-driven business.We sell cat and dog fleas treatment and tick control.

We strive for high-level customer service and supremely satisfactory products for your money. We used to sell our dog and cat flea treatment product on Ebay, we labeled as “Top Rated Seller” on eBay due to our great customer’s service.

Meet Arthur, the first innovator Dog behind 4legsmed.com!

“Our goal is to provide a convenient and reliable service with fair rates for anyone who is shopping for dog and cat flea treatment online.”

One day, our dog Arthur came back from his daily walk with his neighborhood dog friend, and we noticed that he had contracted some parasites. So, we started to search for a quality flea and tick protection. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the websites we found were either too boring or too complicated to browse through for very long in search of what we needed.

We agreed with Arthur, after a long discussion (barking) that we can generate a much better online shop for dogs and cats flea treatment and offer the most advanced solution.

Arthur’s condition calls for a much better shopping experience, with lots of his dog friends, and his kitty cousin Dora. So why not offer cat’s flea treatment as well?

Then 4legsmed.com was born!

4legsmed is an eCommerce website exclusively designed specifically for dogs and cats owners to buy a discount dog and cat flea treatment from brands including Revolution, Frontline, Advantage, Interceptor, Seresto, Nexgard, Heartguard and many other great brands.

4legsmed has the distinction above its competitors of being managed by people who deeply love and care for their cats and dogs, and therefore have the advantage of intimately knowing the needs of other pet owners to which the website caters.

When you shop at 4legsmed.com, you can always expect three things:

  • To pay less than the retail price
  • Get your products delivered directly to your doorstep
  • Be treated to a friendly and intuitive interface that understands your specific needs

We are masters in listening to your feedback, and industry leaders when it comes to continuously improving our services. 4legsmed’s goal is to become the one-stop shop for any and every one of your pet’s fleatick and worming needs.

We stand by the products we sell. pet flea treatment

All dog and cat flea treatment products are genuine, labeled in English and have the longest expiry dates currently available with most having at least a year or two before expiry.

Our pet medications and other pet products are sourced from multiple locations including Australia, Europe, South Africa and the United States to bring you great savings.

All of our dog and cat flea treatment products are branded items and identical in composition to the US labeled product, they are also still made in the same location as the US labeled products, we do not stock any generic items.